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Welcome to marCloudMusic Application website!

marCloudMusic is a python application created by owner of marCloud - Marcelektro. It's hosted on Gigabit network using many servers connected in one creating LeonServer network. This is not beatable energy!

History of marCloud is simple. Marcelektro wanted to listen to music while he was playing Minecraft. He walked towards a cow. It started farting. Marcel decided, that it's not a good music for him. He launched InteliJ Idea coding tool. Suddently he had to go, but he forgot to close pc. His cat, Leon walked on the kayboard and slept on it. When Marcelektro arrived, he spotted a code written on the screen. He clicked RUN. It worked!!! YAY. He was happy and listened to: "Minecraft Pig Farting Remix by DJ Cow"

What we provide


Songs you request are delivered to user in less than 3 seconds. No limits of host and size!


marCloudMusic's main feature is it's reliability. It's 99% uptime and music is on always demand .


Music is beautyfull. People don't have resources to listen to it? Here, music is for 100% free.


Our DevelopementTeam is coding updates for the bot to make it best and bug-less application!

marCloudMusic Simple Setup

How to config the bot? Where are forums? HELP MEEEE!!!!!. Those are words that never will be used on marCloudMusic. How to use bot? To join the bot into music channel use !summon command. To play use !play command... Use !help for more commands... That's all...

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