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marCloud ensures you some very useful and important rules, that can not be broken...

Modern look

marCloud looks like modern website, wait, this is a modern website. As you see it has a lots of modern elements and animations. Enjoy

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Works anytime

marCloud works anytime. There are no large bugs, that will disturb your work. Enter it, and enjoy anytime.

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Be free!

No one likes to be controlled and tracked. marCloud doesn't get your private info like your location, device or language. BE FREE

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Your privacy

Your safety and privacy is the most important thing in marCloud. Owner, admins and staff DON'T look at your account content.

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We don't limit

marCloud limits only storage size. Imagine, that you have users, and that you have to give them some space on a server disk. We have to limit it.

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24h support!

If you have any issues please, don't let them exist. Report them in the form. Our devs will fix them, and let you to have the best impressions.

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Once you register and login to marCloud, you don't have to enter the password every time. It stores sessions on your computer. Also don't forget to log out when using other devices.

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Powering Collaboration

marCloud can be used everywhere. Also in the office. You can store and in-web edit your buissnes files like Word, Excel or Power Point files. Also you can share them to other users!

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Plugin ready

Are you developer and you want to evolve it, just click the link bellow and ask owner for developer permissions! You will be able to modify and add marCloud plugins. Read more at:

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You deserved happiness

Happy Clients

You can read opinions from our users and rate it yourself.
That opinions are written by real users on contact form.

“Great. Especially I love marCloud web drive. It is fast and safe. I am using it since 2017 and there are no issues. I recommend”

image-field-not-set — Maciek the pooper

“I am playing on this Minecraft server for a long time. It is epic. I think, that this is the best Minecraft Minigame server. If you want to play too, I am usualy on Bedwars...”

image-field-not-set — MinecrafPro2910

“So... I am a developer. I use this API. It is great. marCloud has the Voice Recognition api. I am using it in every my project. I hope, that this is enough opinion...”

image-field-not-set — Ander300

“I am using marCloud apps on my iPhone. They are great. I love Talk app. This is the best voice chat solution. There are no limits and quality falls.”

image-field-not-set — CzlowiekSiema

Enjoy it

Fun Facts

Analytical sites clearly state at what level of advancement marCloud is. By the way, try it out yourself ...

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Thoughts & Ideas


There were three important events since 2017. You can see them bellow.

Oct. 17th

Web Company for the Future

17th Oct. was the most important event in marCloud history. That was the beggining of marCloud company.


Jan. 23rd

EnzoNet started hosting!

Before that date, our server was hosted in owner's room on his computer. It wasn't stable. Now, thanks to EnzoNet, it is always online, fast and stable...


Jul. 14th


14th of July was the Donation opening day. We got $20 in the first 24h. That was super big, as for the first day. It changed marCloud at all...


Productive Staff

Meet Our Staff

One developer could not make a software like marCloud. Everything requires many hands to work. Now you can see, who is coding.




Marcelektro found this company, coded all script and files and he is watching others to achieve the goal


320 Web Design


320 Web Design is a company, that works for marCloud. It is designing all elements in all websites.



Hosting Service

marCloud Internet Services would not exist without hosting. They allocated 20 TB disk space. Isn't that great

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