What are the features?

marCloud Backup allows you to backup your entire Discord Server for Free. It includes copying all server settings: server icon, banner, region, splash screen, verification level, explict content level, default msg notifications, embed channel, bans and reasons, emojis, afk channel and timeout, channels with permissions, type, nsfw state, messages (maximum 200 msgs for every channel, if you want more contact us) and webhooks and server roles with permissions and colors.

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Why us?


Our bot backups almost everything it can, including up to 200 messages from each channel for free!


marCloudBackup's main advantage is reliability. We have 99.9% uptime and we're always on demand.
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Using our bot is free! We only take payments, if you wish to remove max 200 limit of messages.
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Active devs

We look forward to implement your ideas to the bot. If you have any suggestions or ideas, let us know!

Bot Usage

You must follow our ToS! Breaking any of it's rules will result in loss of access to the service! » Click to view ToS «

1. Invite the bot to your server
2. Grant it ADMIN permission, and move role on top
3. Run mb!help command to check if it works!

Creating a backup:
1. Run mb!create (you need admin perm)
2. Check your DMs

Loading a backup:
1. Run mb!load [code] (you need to be server owner)

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